4 Pound Gain.
I found out at the doctors today, I have gained 4 1/2 pounds in the last month! I am now up to 98lbs, and from here on out, I should gain a pound a week! After my weigh in, they took my blood pressure which is still looking good, and we got the results from our blood work, and everything came back normal. My mom came to the doctors with us today, so she got to hear the heartbeat, which is getting louder and faster each time. She was so excited!
I am happy to say, I have been feeling pretty good the last few weeks, and I have been feeling the baby move, a lot! It is so cool. Baby E usually moves when I have just finished eating (which is pretty often!), and he/she always moves at night, when I get into bed. The second trimester is a lot better than the first! Thank God.


Halfway There!
Well, I must say, "Happy Halfway to Me"! That's right, I am halfway through the pregnancy! 20 weeks down, 20 more to go! I am feeling good, eating a whole lot, and feeling the baby move ( a little, no big kicks yet!) I spent my halfway day with my two favorite guys. My dad met me at my house in the morning and we finished our Christmas shopping! We started the day going to different stores in White Marsh, then to the Avenue, and finally the mall. We were very successful with our purchases, and just like the movies, as were were skipping with joy out of the mall... it started to snow! Of course, my dad then serenaded me with, "Snow, Snow, Snow," one of our favorite songs from the movie White Christmas.
I took a much needed nap when I got home, and when I woke up Eric and I went out to dinner. My wonderful day ended with a relaxing pedicure from my husband! I guess there are some pluses to being pregnant!


Bottles, Bibs & Breast Pumps.
My cousin Laura and I went to Register today! We had so much! We started the day at 11am, meeting at Babies R Us. After filling out some papers, we were given the super scan gun, and sent on our way! We started off with confidence, reading our handy dandy list of 'necessary' baby items... we found a monitor, some bottles, a thermometer etc. However, after about 3 isles, we both started to feel overwhelmed and panicked! We definitely need diapers, but do we need a diaper pail? We have to have bottles, do you need a bottle warmer ( I didn't even know they made bottle warmers) By the time we reached the strollers, the manager Nick had noticed our anxiety and felt compelled to help us. He assured us that many people feel the way we did, and told us to relax, and take our time. So, after calming down, we decided to skip over the car seats and strollers (way to many choices) and we found a high chair we both enjoyed.

Around 12:30pm we decided to take a break, regroup, and have some lunch. We rested at Red Robbin, shared an appetizer, and chowed down on sandwiches and fries. Laura decided to get a strawberry margarita before we headed to Target, for round two!

We felt much more successful and comfortable at Target! We immediately found a stroller, playpen and car seat we loved! Laura even had a 'talk' with me, and made me register for the infamous breast pump! I was struggling with the thought of it all day. We also found bedding that was gender neutral, and super cute! At 4:30pm, our successful & super fun registry day ended at Starbucks, yum! Thanks for all your help Laura Bean!


Thank you Mimi Maternity. So, after a long weekend of Christmas shopping... in my jeans.... I knew it was time to get maternity pants! My jeans have been digging into my expanding belly, and it's not so fun. Neither was the shopping process for the jeans. Well, sometimes it was a little funny. Before heading to an 'real' maternity store (because for some reason it was hard for me to accept I needed to go there) I started with Old Navy and Target... well I was so upset I didn't have my camera, because it was hilarious! Nothing fit me right. So we went to Mimi Maternity, and they were very helpful. They have petite sizes so the length was perfect. The thighs and behind are still a little big... but I'm sure I'll grow into them over the next few month's. My cousin Laura dresses super cute/sassy, almost all of the time. She will wear anything from 4 inch heels, to a spaghetti strap tank top in December.... I tell her she's nuts, and she says, "I'm sacrificing for the outfit!" So, I figured if she justifies her love to dress cute, while being in some pain- I will justify my semi-large/dorky jeans with, "I'm sacrificing for the baby!"


We had our first "super sonogram" today! I was so excited all week, I couldn't wait until Friday got here! Well, I actually just cant wait until April 9th gets here, but I'm trying to be patient. Our appointment was at 4pm, and Marti met us at Johns Hopkins White Marsh. Eric and I went back for the initial exam, where they measured Baby Esposito's head, brain and spine. The sonographer also took measurements of arms and legs (being very careful not to get a view between the legs). Eric kept trying to figure out what 'it' was, but our sonographer said that she didn't even know, so there was not way he could! I think she felt the need to intervene after I smacked him for trying a little TOO hard. She also took pictures of the heart and estimated the baby's weight to be 7.5oz. Overall she took between 80- 100 pictures! That is the average amount that is taken and sent to the radiologist for them to examine, then they send the results to Dr. Nauman.

Fun Pictures.
After all of the measurements were taken, Eric was allowed to get Marti. When she came back we got to see the 4D images of Baby Esposito! He/she is SO cute! We all counted 10 fingers and toes! Baby Esposito is just like his/her daddy... because he/she would not stop dancing! The baby was all over the place. The sonographer zoomed in on the baby's little hands and feet... it was so amazing! We got to watch the little one for about 15 minutes, and then we waved goodbye.


The Bump.
Here is the baby bump at 17 weeks. Enjoy!


Heading in the right direction.
Well, I haven't reached triple digits yet... however I am gaining weight. Today I weighed in at 94lbs. So, since I have stopped getting sick, and my appetite has picked up, and I've eaten almost all of the 'trick or treaters' Halloween candy, I've gained 3lbs. Today I am 17 weeks, and DoeDoe went to the doctors with me. She got to hear the baby's heartbeat, which is always fun, and also held my had when I had some blood drawn, never fun. Overall everything is going nice and smooth. Dr. Nauman gave me a new prescription for my migraines, and is pleased to know I'm not getting sick anymore. I also made a special request that he doesn't plan any vacations this spring! He laughed, and said he didn't have any plans made. DoeDoe had seen him at the Ravens game this past Sunday, so it made me think... what if he makes big plans when I'm due? What if he is away on some tropical island? That's where the special request came from. I would hate to go through all of this with him, and have someone else deliver the little one! I have a sonogram next Friday, November 7th, so we will have an updated picture... as long as they can capture one without letting us know the sex!


Ten Days, and Counting....
That's right, I have not been sick for the last ten days! I am so thrilled! Once in a while I still feel waves of nausea, but it doesn't compare to throwing up! I am also starting to eat more... soon I should start putting on the pounds! So far with the second trimester, I have just been dealing with headaches and some dizziness. Two weeks ago, the dizziness had me fall down the stairs at my house.... that was not fun at all... but the baby was checked out, and everything was ok. My dad took me over to GBMC that day, and he got to see the baby! Pop Pop thought it was pretty cool!


13 Weeks.
This afternoon Eric & I went to another doctors appointment. Everything was wonderful. I lost another pound, but that is because I am still getting sick, however, Dr. N said that should be ending very soon... I sure hope so!!! Lately I have been talking to my belly, and begging the baby to behave! My blood pressure is just fine, and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat again! This time it was louder& faster. We also heard the baby moving, which was really cool!! We have another appointment in four weeks.


Tiny Bump.
We went out to celebrate the bachelor/bachelorette party for our friends Lauren & Doug, who are getting married in two weeks... and we had a great time. I'm just starting to have a very tiny baby bump... so the girls are excited! Over the course of the night, my girlfriends sang to, danced with, and kissed... my belly!


Ba Bum. Ba Bum. Ba Bum.
We had another doctors appointment today... and we got to hear Baby E's heartbeat for the first time! Dr. N said it was a very strong beat! We were so excited! Eric also had to have some blood work done today. I couldn't help myself - I made him pose and I had to capture the moment!


Hmm, Baby Blog or Blob?
Today was my second doctors appointment (9 weeks yesterday), and everything went GREAT! Dr. Nauman said Baby E. is developing perfectly. Baby E's heartbeat is about 150bpm, and Dr. Nauman also spotted the 'yolk sac', which is where the baby gets it's nutrients, until it turns to me for them...who knew? After spotting the sac Dr. Nauman decided to invite in his visiting pre-med students to see the baby/sac.... (my sarcastic thoughts..."sure, why not, let's ask everyone in the waiting room to come on in")... I really didn't care though... they were just as intrigued as I was. They even seemed to know where the head, tail, and sac were... I'm still trying to figure it out!


What a Guy.
I have not been feeling very well, at all. I have been getting sick, and when I'm not actually throwing up (sorry) I have what I call, waves of nausea. I've also been dizzy, tired, crampy.. bla bla bla. To sum it up, Miserable. Yes, I know it's well worth the misery. This morning after getting sick, and then taking a shower, I was completely wiped out. Eric (who tries to help in any way possible) offered to dry my hair, and I accepted.
He plugged in the dryer, and had me stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom. After thirty seconds I honestly felt like I couldn't stand a second longer. I didn't want to hurt Eric's feelings (hmmm?..), so I said to him...
"My dad used to blow dry my hair when I was a little girl, he always had me sit on the toilet while he did it." Right away Eric said, "oh, well do you want to sit down?"
"SURE... that sounds good." (phew!) As I sat down I looked out the window at the kids playing in our neighborhood, and pictured our little one out there in a few years.
I didn't even mind or mention the tugging on my scalp, or half the hair he ripped out of my head.


First Doctors Visit.
I must say that today I was excited to go to the gynecologist!! CRAZY right?!! Everything went very well. I had to fill out paper work (boring) get blood taken (ouch!) and have a regular exam (the opposite of fun). After all that was finished with... I got my first sonogram! I couldn't believe it! Baby E. was smaller than an M&M... but SO cute! And Dr. Nauman agreed with me when I said so! My pre-pregnancy weight was 94lbs. and the nurse said, after the baby, I may never see double digits again! Due date: 04.09.09


Congratulations Esposito's!

We found out today that we are going to have a baby! I was not feeling well yesterday... and was extra tired. Not a normal tired, an - I have to fall asleep, right this very minute - tired! We were leaving this morning for Wisconsin to visit Eric's brother Dennis, sister-in-law Katie, and their new baby Hope. I knew something was wrong/different with me...so I took two test at home... and they read Positive! So I quickly headed over to the doctors, for a blood test. Because I didn't have time to stay and wait for the results, they agreed to call me. Thirty minutes later...Positive! We were off to the Cheese state to share the news!