What a Guy.
I have not been feeling very well, at all. I have been getting sick, and when I'm not actually throwing up (sorry) I have what I call, waves of nausea. I've also been dizzy, tired, crampy.. bla bla bla. To sum it up, Miserable. Yes, I know it's well worth the misery. This morning after getting sick, and then taking a shower, I was completely wiped out. Eric (who tries to help in any way possible) offered to dry my hair, and I accepted.
He plugged in the dryer, and had me stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom. After thirty seconds I honestly felt like I couldn't stand a second longer. I didn't want to hurt Eric's feelings (hmmm?..), so I said to him...
"My dad used to blow dry my hair when I was a little girl, he always had me sit on the toilet while he did it." Right away Eric said, "oh, well do you want to sit down?"
"SURE... that sounds good." (phew!) As I sat down I looked out the window at the kids playing in our neighborhood, and pictured our little one out there in a few years.
I didn't even mind or mention the tugging on my scalp, or half the hair he ripped out of my head.


First Doctors Visit.
I must say that today I was excited to go to the gynecologist!! CRAZY right?!! Everything went very well. I had to fill out paper work (boring) get blood taken (ouch!) and have a regular exam (the opposite of fun). After all that was finished with... I got my first sonogram! I couldn't believe it! Baby E. was smaller than an M&M... but SO cute! And Dr. Nauman agreed with me when I said so! My pre-pregnancy weight was 94lbs. and the nurse said, after the baby, I may never see double digits again! Due date: 04.09.09


Congratulations Esposito's!

We found out today that we are going to have a baby! I was not feeling well yesterday... and was extra tired. Not a normal tired, an - I have to fall asleep, right this very minute - tired! We were leaving this morning for Wisconsin to visit Eric's brother Dennis, sister-in-law Katie, and their new baby Hope. I knew something was wrong/different with me...so I took two test at home... and they read Positive! So I quickly headed over to the doctors, for a blood test. Because I didn't have time to stay and wait for the results, they agreed to call me. Thirty minutes later...Positive! We were off to the Cheese state to share the news!