Heading in the right direction.
Well, I haven't reached triple digits yet... however I am gaining weight. Today I weighed in at 94lbs. So, since I have stopped getting sick, and my appetite has picked up, and I've eaten almost all of the 'trick or treaters' Halloween candy, I've gained 3lbs. Today I am 17 weeks, and DoeDoe went to the doctors with me. She got to hear the baby's heartbeat, which is always fun, and also held my had when I had some blood drawn, never fun. Overall everything is going nice and smooth. Dr. Nauman gave me a new prescription for my migraines, and is pleased to know I'm not getting sick anymore. I also made a special request that he doesn't plan any vacations this spring! He laughed, and said he didn't have any plans made. DoeDoe had seen him at the Ravens game this past Sunday, so it made me think... what if he makes big plans when I'm due? What if he is away on some tropical island? That's where the special request came from. I would hate to go through all of this with him, and have someone else deliver the little one! I have a sonogram next Friday, November 7th, so we will have an updated picture... as long as they can capture one without letting us know the sex!

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Sharon said...

I have also eaten most of our halloween candy this week. Apparently chocolate candy is my first real craving. :) Glad to hear that you're feeling a lot better!