We had our first "super sonogram" today! I was so excited all week, I couldn't wait until Friday got here! Well, I actually just cant wait until April 9th gets here, but I'm trying to be patient. Our appointment was at 4pm, and Marti met us at Johns Hopkins White Marsh. Eric and I went back for the initial exam, where they measured Baby Esposito's head, brain and spine. The sonographer also took measurements of arms and legs (being very careful not to get a view between the legs). Eric kept trying to figure out what 'it' was, but our sonographer said that she didn't even know, so there was not way he could! I think she felt the need to intervene after I smacked him for trying a little TOO hard. She also took pictures of the heart and estimated the baby's weight to be 7.5oz. Overall she took between 80- 100 pictures! That is the average amount that is taken and sent to the radiologist for them to examine, then they send the results to Dr. Nauman.

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