Thank you Mimi Maternity. So, after a long weekend of Christmas shopping... in my jeans.... I knew it was time to get maternity pants! My jeans have been digging into my expanding belly, and it's not so fun. Neither was the shopping process for the jeans. Well, sometimes it was a little funny. Before heading to an 'real' maternity store (because for some reason it was hard for me to accept I needed to go there) I started with Old Navy and Target... well I was so upset I didn't have my camera, because it was hilarious! Nothing fit me right. So we went to Mimi Maternity, and they were very helpful. They have petite sizes so the length was perfect. The thighs and behind are still a little big... but I'm sure I'll grow into them over the next few month's. My cousin Laura dresses super cute/sassy, almost all of the time. She will wear anything from 4 inch heels, to a spaghetti strap tank top in December.... I tell her she's nuts, and she says, "I'm sacrificing for the outfit!" So, I figured if she justifies her love to dress cute, while being in some pain- I will justify my semi-large/dorky jeans with, "I'm sacrificing for the baby!"

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