Bottles, Bibs & Breast Pumps.
My cousin Laura and I went to Register today! We had so much! We started the day at 11am, meeting at Babies R Us. After filling out some papers, we were given the super scan gun, and sent on our way! We started off with confidence, reading our handy dandy list of 'necessary' baby items... we found a monitor, some bottles, a thermometer etc. However, after about 3 isles, we both started to feel overwhelmed and panicked! We definitely need diapers, but do we need a diaper pail? We have to have bottles, do you need a bottle warmer ( I didn't even know they made bottle warmers) By the time we reached the strollers, the manager Nick had noticed our anxiety and felt compelled to help us. He assured us that many people feel the way we did, and told us to relax, and take our time. So, after calming down, we decided to skip over the car seats and strollers (way to many choices) and we found a high chair we both enjoyed.

Around 12:30pm we decided to take a break, regroup, and have some lunch. We rested at Red Robbin, shared an appetizer, and chowed down on sandwiches and fries. Laura decided to get a strawberry margarita before we headed to Target, for round two!

We felt much more successful and comfortable at Target! We immediately found a stroller, playpen and car seat we loved! Laura even had a 'talk' with me, and made me register for the infamous breast pump! I was struggling with the thought of it all day. We also found bedding that was gender neutral, and super cute! At 4:30pm, our successful & super fun registry day ended at Starbucks, yum! Thanks for all your help Laura Bean!

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