30 Weeks.
Eric & I really can't believe we only have 10 weeks to go! The beginning was pretty rough (for me...), but the last few months have just flown right by. We had a doctors appointment today- and again, everything is going great. I do have low iron levels, so I am on medicine to raise my red blood cell count, and I'll continue to have my levels tested until the birth. My blood pressure was normal, and I weighed in at (drum roll..... ) 110 lbs.!!!! I have had a major sweet tooth lately! Good thing my sugar levels are ok!
Last week we ordered our Nursery furniture. It will be a few weeks until it arrives, but we will post a picture of the room when we are finished. I can't wait to have it set up!
Next week should be pretty exciting- we start our Childbirth classes!! I'm already nervous that Eric & I will be the "students" who giggle the whole time! I hope we don't get in trouble!


27 Weeks.Bold
Today at the doctors I gave blood to test my glucose and iron levels, to check for diabetes and anemia. My blood pressure is great, I weighed in at 105lbs. and the baby's heartbeat is 150/bpm. Everything is looking good, and Baby E. has been partying in my belly!


Happy New Year.
99 more days until the Due Date! We are now counting down the days with double digits!


December Updates.
December was quite the month for the Esposito's, as it is for many. We enjoyed finishing our Christmas shopping very early, decorating our house, singing Christmas carols and spending time with family. Eric's brother & sister-in-law, along with their daughter Hope, came to Baltimore for a holiday visit mid December. We had so much fun spending time with them, and playing with Hope, who is growing up so fast! We wish they didn't live so far away (Wisconsin, the Cheese State).
Unfortunately, as their visit was ending... I took a little trip to the hospital. I had really bad pains in my stomach when I was spending the night at my mother-in-laws. Eric was working that night, so I woke up (his mom) Janice, and within 1 minute of letting her know about the pain I was in, I got sick all over her living room. Once again- sorry Janice. She immediately took me to the Baltimore Washington Medical Center (close to her house) where they gave me morphine for the pain... and THEN decided to tell us they didn't have any prenatal care at the hospital! So, thanks a lot BWMC!! I had to be transferred to GBMC, where they could check on the baby and myself much more accurately. When I got there I had sonograms and blood work done, and was hooked up to a monitor, and (along with my morphine wearing off) we realized I was having preterm labor, and my contractions were 7 minutes apart! YIKES!! Fortunately, I was hydrated with fluids and given Tributaline, which completely stopped the contractions, after just one dose. Its was a pretty painful and scary experience, but overall, everything turned out just fine. Since the adventure, I have had Braxton Hicks contractions periodically, and my doctor said that would most likely occur and is normal. They don't hurt, and are pretty short. I tell the baby I can't wait to meet him/her... but please take time to grow big and strong first!
After all that excitement... I have been taking it easy, and drinking tons of water. We celebrated our second anniversary on the twenty-third, and had a wonderful Christmas with our families. But we couldn't help but think about our Christmas next year!


For Better or Worse.
My dad and I compared our "bumps" at Christmas.