30 Weeks.
Eric & I really can't believe we only have 10 weeks to go! The beginning was pretty rough (for me...), but the last few months have just flown right by. We had a doctors appointment today- and again, everything is going great. I do have low iron levels, so I am on medicine to raise my red blood cell count, and I'll continue to have my levels tested until the birth. My blood pressure was normal, and I weighed in at (drum roll..... ) 110 lbs.!!!! I have had a major sweet tooth lately! Good thing my sugar levels are ok!
Last week we ordered our Nursery furniture. It will be a few weeks until it arrives, but we will post a picture of the room when we are finished. I can't wait to have it set up!
Next week should be pretty exciting- we start our Childbirth classes!! I'm already nervous that Eric & I will be the "students" who giggle the whole time! I hope we don't get in trouble!

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