Our First Childbirth Class.
Today I am 31 weeks, and we started our childbirth classes at GBMC. We were told to wear comfortable clothes and bring 3 pillows, the 3 pillows had us cracking up before we even arrived. The class started at 7pm, and we had to go around the room, introduce ourselves and share our expected due date. Majority of the class is due in April. Our first class discussed the stages of labor, the positioning of the baby, an explanation of contractions, and the different parts of the female reproductive system (I won't go into detail, as our blog is rated G). Eric remained very mature, except for when our teacher was holding her fake "womb" which was made up of a baby, placenta and sac. Well, as she lifted it up, she spilled her drink, and Eric had to say, "I guess her water broke!" Halfway through our class we were given a break, the women ran to the bathroom, while the men ran to the vending machines. For the second half of our class we got on the mats that had been laying on the floor! That's when our three pillows came into play! We learned relaxation techniques for when we tense up during labor, and we practiced deep breaths. During this part of the class is where I had to hold back my laughter. Especially when Eric had to sit behind me and rub my belly. Everyone in the class was so serious- and that made it so much harder! Overall, we are happy with the class so far (yes, even Eric... I think?) and look forward to next week.

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Anonymous said...

I can only picture you and Eric in class! Surprised you can hold back the giggles - Two months five days left! We better get on the curtains for the baby room before the baby gets here! Marti