32 Weeks.
Today I had a doctors appointment, and my cousin Laura came with me. We met for lunch around 12pm, then headed over to my doctors office. When we pulled into the parking lot, Dr. Nauman was running out of the building at full speed- Laura rolled her window down, and he said, "I'm going to deliver a baby, the head is coming out! Can you come back around 3pm?" We were laughing, and told him we would see him later. After a lap around the mall, we headed back. I weighed in at 113lbs. My blood pressure is perfect, we heard the heartbeat, and scheduled a sonogram for next Thursday. I also double checked with Dr. N about his vacation schedule (especially because the baby is due around Easter), and he promised he did not have any vacation plans, and that he would be there!
This evening we had another Lamaze class. We did some more relaxation techniques on our mats- breathing like, "HHee, HHee, HHee." We laughed just as hard as the previous week (I don't see us growing up at these classes!) We also watched a video of a birth- and we saw EVERYTHING... very interesting. After the video, we took a tour of the birthing rooms, post-partum rooms and the nursery.
Baby E. had been moving around SO much! He/She is about 4lbs. now!

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