Tonight at our childbirth class, my husband happened to be the topic of conversation in the ladies room. As our teacher announced the first break, I rushed towards the bathroom, because I really had to go, and being as we are all pregnant, there is always a long line.
Once I was in the stall, and the room started filling up, I overheard some of the women discussing the man who raised his hand and asked, if the 8 babies that Octomom (the crazy lady who just had the 8 babies via I.V.F) was carrying had simply, "lined up" in her uterus, before she delivered them vaginally. He also wanted to know what her contractions were like during her vaginal birth! (In class we had been discussing how the baby knows to get in the correct position for delivery, most of the time.) Well, you guessed it, Eric was the one who thought she pushed all 8 babies out, and they just knew how to get into the correct position, and "line up" for the doctor.... Needless to say, the teacher looked puzzled, and half the class laughed. I turned red!
So back to the bathroom stall- I overheard one women say, "Do you think he seriously thought someone could deliver 8?!" Another said, "I guess he missed the part where we learned most multiples are delivered by cesarean." And another mom to be said, "He is really cute, isn't he?!!" Wow.
Feeling like a high school student in a 1980's After School Special, where a girl is hiding in the bathroom, and overhears her "friends" talking about her.... I decided then I had to emerge from hiding.
I went to the sink to wash my hands, and one of the girls did acknowledge the fact they had been talking about Eric, and said, "My husband asks a lot of crazy questions too." Another one just decided to talk about how crazy Octomom is. After a quick chat with the girls, I walked out into the hall where Eric was leaning on the wall waiting for me, I simply just shook my head and laughed.
That's why we are going to these classes I guess, neither one of us know it all!

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