First visit to Dr. Bucci.
Little Miss Lyla had her first doctors appointment today with Dr. Bucci. She weighed in at a healthy 5lbs. 11.5oz. and is 19 inches. She did a fantastic job being poked and prodded by the doctor. She patiently waited for me while I was asking 100 new mommy questions, such as, Should I be worried about her sneezing 3 times a day? Does she get upset when she has the hiccups (she get's them often)? Why does she have green gookies (I seem to as the 'ies' to many words now!) in her eyes? Yes, I realize all of the questions are silly, but I felt much better being reassured by Dr. B, that all is well with my child... and I'm the nutcase! The visit ended with a vaccine... needless to say, Lyla was not to happy about this. I heard a screaming cry I had never heard before (with good reason, shots are no fun!) After she got a cute sparkly band aid, Eric calmed her down, dressed her, and we were on our way back home!


Lyla Grace.
Our beautiful baby has arrived, and it's a girl!
On Sunday March 29th, my water broke at 3:20am. Eric and I were so excited, well I started to get a little nervous- but knew there was no turning back! I took a quick shower while Eric packed our bags, and we headed over to GBMC at 4am.
As soon as we got to Labor and Delivery, they did an exam to verify that my water did indeed break (um hello, it sure did!) then they set us up in the birthing room. I put on my gown and got comfortable (well, as comfortable as possible, when in labor) and our parents started to show up, super excited! Throughout the morning/afternoon we had visitors, and it was a very long day. In the evening (yes, because I was in labor ALL day!) I started to get a little grumpy and wanted to be left alone. So, we stopped all visitors, and turned off our phones. Eric turned the lights out, and brushed my hair, to help me relax. Within an hour of our quiet time, I dilated from 4cm-10cm... and was ready to push the baby out!
At 7pm, they lowered my pain meds, so I could feel the contractions stronger (whoo hoo) and that way I knew exactly when to push. My first 15 minutes of pushing was a learning process. I used up a lot of energy trying to figure it out, so they let me take a 15 minute break. When I started pushing again, I was determined to get the little one out... and it only took me a half an hour. I have to say, it was not as scary, hard or painful as I had thought it would be. Eric was the most amazing support person I could ask for. He never let me give up, and I was very brave, just for him. At 8:08pm our little girl arrived. When Dr. Nauman showed her to us, we immediately cried. Eric cut her cord, and then I got to hold her. It was the most amazing feeling in the world.
Without sharing all the details... recovering from the delivery was not what I expected. It has been painful, and hard both physically and mentally (mentally- because I just want to be able to carry, lift, and play with Lyla without being in pain). I am beginning to feel better and heal from the delivery, one day at a time. Soon enough, I will be back to myself!
Eric & I have never been so happy. We want to thank everyone for their love, support and respect. We look forward to a beautiful spring and summer with Lyla and our family and friends.
We will continue to keep the blog updated as little Miss. Lyla grows! Enjoy!