First visit to Dr. Bucci.
Little Miss Lyla had her first doctors appointment today with Dr. Bucci. She weighed in at a healthy 5lbs. 11.5oz. and is 19 inches. She did a fantastic job being poked and prodded by the doctor. She patiently waited for me while I was asking 100 new mommy questions, such as, Should I be worried about her sneezing 3 times a day? Does she get upset when she has the hiccups (she get's them often)? Why does she have green gookies (I seem to as the 'ies' to many words now!) in her eyes? Yes, I realize all of the questions are silly, but I felt much better being reassured by Dr. B, that all is well with my child... and I'm the nutcase! The visit ended with a vaccine... needless to say, Lyla was not to happy about this. I heard a screaming cry I had never heard before (with good reason, shots are no fun!) After she got a cute sparkly band aid, Eric calmed her down, dressed her, and we were on our way back home!

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nic said...

yay! Dr. Bucci! Madelyn loves him! When she coughs or sneezes, she says, 'Oh, I think I need to see Bucci!'