Lyla was off to her first day of school this morning! We started the Play & Learn class today at Gymboree. We started off by singing a welcoming song, and I followed along with the teacher, copying hand motions over Lyla's head. She was a pro with "tummy time." She leaned on a bolster and looked into a big mirror on the floor and also around at her new friends in the class, Morgan, Max and Conner. After tummy time, the babies laid on their mats and the moms held a big parachute over them. We let it fall down slowly, almost to their noses- and then lifted it back up. Lyla was not a fan of this activity, and she let everyone in class know. Luckily after the parachute, it was music and dancing time. So as soon as her teacher, Ms. Denise, put on ABBA... my dancing queen was smiling away! Lyla really enjoyed her school day, and will be attending throughout the summer on Thursdays. By time class was over, she was wiped out!


Happy Birthday Mason.
Today we celebrated Mason's first birthday! This was Lyla's first birthday party, and she partied hard! She enjoyed being held by Ms. Janet, Ms. Toni, Ms. Donna and Melissa. She also got to meet some new friends and hang out with her buddy Mason.


Our World Traveler.
Little Ms. Lyla has had a busy month! (So have I, which is why it's taken me so long to update the blog... sorry!) She is getting super big...weighing in at a little over 8lbs.!!
In May we enjoyed a visit from Eric's brother, wife and their daughter Hope. We were so excited to see how much Hope has grown up, and she was super cute with her new cousin. We also had a short and sweet baptism for Lyla Grace. My Uncle Frank baptized her at our church, and we were happy to ask his brother Dennis to be her God Father, and my cousin Laura to be her God Mother. They were both honored and enjoy spoiling the little one rotten! I believe majority of L's wardrobe was purchased by Laura... she couldn't ask for a better stylist!
At the end of May we were off to the islands of Turks and Caicos. My cousin Melissa had the most beautiful wedding there on June 1st. We stayed there for a week with many other family members and had an amazing time. Along with the actual ceremony and reception some other highlights were, the sunset cruise, wiffle ball tournament, crystal clear water, the drinks of the day and my cousin Andrew...and anyone who may have gotten the "Andrew Award."Lyla enjoyed the ocean and taking naps on the beach. She also had fun with Aunt Nooker for twenty minutes.
Turks was a great way to end the Spring, and we look forward to the Summer!