Fourth of July.
Today, our little firecracker celebrated her first Independence Day! We enjoyed the afternoon by having some friends over for a cookout, which consisted of burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken... oh, and of course, beer pong! When it started to get dark, we packed up the stroller and began our walk with the everyone to Fullerton Elementary (where they have awesome fireworks every year). Madelyn and Mason rode up in a wagon, decorated for the 4th, by Ms. Janet. Kevin pushed Lyla in her stroller, which was full of red, white and blue ribbons. Once we got to Fullerton, we set our blankets up, lit some sparklers, and the fireworks began. All the kiddies did great! There were not any tears. Mady was of course thrilled by every pink firework (she has an obsession with anything pink). Mason looked excited when he wasn't dozing off- clearly the noise didn't effect him. It didn't seem to bother Lyla either. She cuddled up with her Daddy and looked up in the sky. She was enjoying the bright lights so much the sound didn't matter. We had so much fun with our friends and can't wait for another holiday to celebrate with our little one...hhmm, what should she be for Halloween?....

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