Logan Grabowski. Welcome to the world.
Our friends/neighbors (Matt & Nicole) had their baby boy this evening. He weighs 8lbs. 10oz. Congratulations Grabowski's! Have fun being a big sister Madelyn!


Daddy dressed Lyla today.
Lyla has SO many adorable outfits (thank you everyone!) which is why I think it's so funny (yet almost impossible?) when Eric dresses her in the most random outfits you could make out of her wardrobe. I have noticed when he dresses her, he tends to stray away from anything PINK. He rarely puts "outfits" on her, meaning the ones that actually came together as an "outfit," and of course his personal favorite is Lyla's, "I Love My Daddy!" shirt... which may I add is long sleeved and she has worn it all summer. I should post some of these "outfits" on the blog, however I chose to post (what I like to call), Dots, this is how he dressed her today. "Dots" was entertaining to me for a few reasons....
1. As soon as I saw her, I just knew he had tried very hard to make her look super cute/girly. I could tell right away from the very proud grin he had pasted on his face, like...I did it!
2. Her top has a Caterpillar on it and it came with matching pants, which he chose not to use for his ensemble.
3. I knew he couldn't resist the socks, once he had on the shorts.
4. The Headband! Need I say more?
5. I think Lyla just knew what was going on, like... thanks Dad!


Bath time.


She likes her tummy.
Lyla is rolling over from her back to her tummy now! The only disappointing thing is, we've never seen her do it! She spent the night at my dads on Friday, and Marti told me she woke up on her belly....WHAT!!? We couldn't believe it! They didn't know that was the first time...I asked if they took pictures! Then last night she did it at home... in her crib, during the night, so again... we didn't see it. Regardless, we are still very proud.


4 months. Already.
Eric & I can't believe our little girl is already 4 months old! We saw Dr. Bucci today for her 4 month check up. She weighs 11lbs. 13oz., and is 23 inches tall. Lyla had to get more shots today- and she was very brave. I chose not to watch, so Eric held her hand, and I didn't cry this time. I was pretty proud of myself (hence the reason for bragging about it on the blog.)
Lyla is slowly starting to eat rice cereal and veggies! She is currently loving her sweet potato pie, and when I say sweet potato pie, it's me mixing the cereal and baby sweet potato's. I really need to get a picture of her eating, because it's hilarious. I swear more food gets on her bib, clothes, and me... then in her mouth.
After Lyla's doctors appointment we went to school. She is totally loving it, and she did her first school project today! We stamped her foot in ink, and put it on a cute little poem. Being the proud parent, I put it on the refrigerator as soon as I got home.Lyla is getting so big and smiling all the time! She is also sleeping about 10-12hrs a night!! We realize how lucky we are! She really only takes one good nap during the middle of the day, so maybe that has something to do with the night time sleeping? Not sure, but thank God! Getting a good night sleep makes such a difference in our moods...I never knew the importance of sleep before Lyla arrived... I know Eric's happy with his little sleeping beauty! Because when Daddy's girls are tired and grumpy...WaTcH OuT!
When Lyla's awake, she is super alert and enjoying her toys very much. Her current fave. is her Eric Carl Caterpillar. She also loves this very crazy t.v show, called Yo Gabba Gabba. On the show, "D.J. Lance" has these weird little toys that come to life and sing songs, that of course are always teaching a lesson. To truly understand how odd the show is though, you would have to watch it. However, Lyla loves it...I'm assuming because of the bright colors and music, and it keeps her entertained for the full 30minutes that it is on. The funniest thing now is, when she watches the episode I recorded for her... she starts to get fussy when the credits start to roll at the end!! Too cute! Anyway, I could type for hours about the little things I'm so amazed by this week....but I'll save some for the next post.