Daddy dressed Lyla today.
Lyla has SO many adorable outfits (thank you everyone!) which is why I think it's so funny (yet almost impossible?) when Eric dresses her in the most random outfits you could make out of her wardrobe. I have noticed when he dresses her, he tends to stray away from anything PINK. He rarely puts "outfits" on her, meaning the ones that actually came together as an "outfit," and of course his personal favorite is Lyla's, "I Love My Daddy!" shirt... which may I add is long sleeved and she has worn it all summer. I should post some of these "outfits" on the blog, however I chose to post (what I like to call), Dots, this is how he dressed her today. "Dots" was entertaining to me for a few reasons....
1. As soon as I saw her, I just knew he had tried very hard to make her look super cute/girly. I could tell right away from the very proud grin he had pasted on his face, like...I did it!
2. Her top has a Caterpillar on it and it came with matching pants, which he chose not to use for his ensemble.
3. I knew he couldn't resist the socks, once he had on the shorts.
4. The Headband! Need I say more?
5. I think Lyla just knew what was going on, like... thanks Dad!

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