Her first Ravens Victory.
Lyla was all geared up for the big game! Thanks for the win Ravens!


My Fair Lyla.
We took advantage of the beautiful weather today and went to the Maryland State Fair. As we were walking in, Eric & I were talking about how excited we are to do anything now...because it's like doing it for the first time. We go to the fair almost every year, either with each other or friends, and always have fun. However, walking into the fair with Lyla was almost as if we had never been to the fair at all. We were so excited to be a family at the fair. We got to say things like..."What does a cow say?..... MOOO," when we saw the animals. The game vendors yelled, "Come on Dad, win a prize for your little girl!" And although Lyla isn't old enough to tug on Eric's pants and say, "Daddy, can I get on the Merry-Go-Round?".... I am!!! So he got us tickets and around we went. Lyla had so much fun on it! Eric also spoiled her with a taste of chocolate from our funnel cake... yummy in her tummy! So much for the veggies I've been giving her!