Happy Half Birthday.
Lyla Grace turned 6 months old today! There are so many updates on her life!
I will start by sharing her trip to Dr. Bucci's on Monday. She had her 6 month check up. She weighs 15lbs. and is in the 25th percentile on the charts. Moving right up! She loved rolling around on the white tissue paper that was on the patients bed, she enjoyed eating it too.

School is getting more fun for her each week and she recently moved up to Level 2!! We now go on Fridays, and she still has the same teacher, Ms. Denise. She now loves parachute time, whereas in Level 1, she was not so thrilled. The baby sliding board is her current fave.

Lyla can roll over from her back to belly and belly to back, however she is not that into it. She does however enjoy sitting up all on her own now!

Lyla is eating 3 "meals" a day, in her highchair, like a big girl. She enjoys carrots, peas, sweet potato's and apples. She has also been testing out some apple-prune juice (to help regulate her flow, if you know what I mean.)

As for playtime, she loves her Bounce-A-Bout. We can plop her in it and she is fully entertained (for a good 30minutes anyway.) She still loves, Yo Gabba Gabba, and her new nighttime movie favorite is, Baby Shakespeare, a Little Einstein's Movie.

She is too 'cool' to relax in the bathtub anymore. Now that she can sit up on her own, she has to sit up in her tubby and play with her toys.

Some not so fun facts about little Miss Lyla Grace... she had her first cold a few weeks ago, and was gloomy and depressed with a majorly runny nose for a couple of days. Her teeth have also been bugging her... we are using drops and baby orajel. She also loves chewing on cold rags. Her 'spitting up' is still going strong. We had about a 5 day stretch where we thought it may be coming to an end, NOT. We are still dealing with the waterfalls!

Her Half Birthday was September 29th. We celebrated with balloons and a special dinner. She had sweet potato's (her favorite vegi.) with chicken!! Watch out! She just loved it. For her Half Birthday present (why not?) we gave her a sippy cup!! And to be honest, she has no interest in holding that by herself or her bottle! Oh well, slow and steady right?

I have an admission to make... when Lyla was born, SO MANY people said to me, "Enjoy every minute, it goes by so fast." I knew what they were saying was going to be true, and promised to take their advice. However after about the 100000th person said it to me, it began to drive me nuts!If I heard one more person say it I was going to scream... But, NOW, I completely understand why all 100000 people said it to me! It has gone by WAY to fast.

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