First Pumpkin.
We took Lyla Grace to Webers Farm to get our pumpkins and have some Fall fun. There was tons of children's activities there... we started off with the Boo Barn. It was a quick walk through an old dark barn, the stables were decorated "spooky" for Halloween. They were not spooky at all, Lyla didn't flinch. After the Boo Barn, we headed to the slides. They have long plastic boards set up on a hill, and you ride down them on potato sacks. Personally, it was my favorite part of the day (I think Erics too!). We took turns sliding down with L, and she had a blast. Then we looked at the animals for a little while, as we were waiting for the next hay ride pickup. She liked the turkey because he was making the most noise. When the tractor arrived for the hayride, we hopped on, and Lyla sat right on a stack of straw. She loved it! She enjoyed all the bumps and hills, but most of all the straw! She played with it the whole time. After the ride, we went to pick out our pumpkins... first Eric and I got ours, we made sure they were perfect for carving, then Lyla picked out hers, all by herself. She was totally wiped out by the end of the trip. As soon as she was put in her car seat, she fell asleep with a smile, and that to me, means her day was a success!

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