Happy Thanksgiving.
I'll give everyone one guess to figure out what we are thankful for this year.... duh!


St. Michael's Christmas Bazaar.
Tonight we took Lyla Grace to the annual Christmas Bazaar at our church. Eric typically enjoys hanging out in the 'beer garden' and eating a warm pit beef sandwich.... this year his highlight was waiting in line for Lyla to meet Santa (right Eric?!).
It took her a few seconds to warm up to him. She stared into his eyes and touched his beard. She listened to his deep, yet soft, voice for a few seconds and then looked over at us to make sure everything was alright... after one minute of taking everything in, she was all smiles!
We all ate a few snacks and played some games. We bought some raffle tickets to win a few prizes... and we did! We couldn't believe it... we won a Baltimore Aquarium package! Along with it came an Aquarium mug, pens, stuffed animal and 4 tickets to the Aquarium! So fun!


Happy Halloween.
Last week, Eric and I were super busy... we had two weddings back to back (Friday/Saturday). Congratulations to Beth & Kevin and Melissa and Michael.
So anyway, Lyla was tossed around from one place to another, and we missed her very much (thank you Laura, Kim & Moe!). That's one reason we were so excited to spoil little Miss. Lyla Grace this week/weekend with fun Halloween festivities... other than it being her very FIRST Halloween, of course!

After recuperating from the weekend, Eric and I got the rest of her costume together and bought our candy for the trick-or- treaters (yeah right, we eat most of it)! On Thursday night, we carved pumpkins while Lyla was napping and then when she woke up, we turned out the lights and showed her the Jack-o-lanterns...she was amazed. I would like to think she was amazed with our creativity, but I think she just liked the light inside. Afterwards we watched, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. On Friday she had her Halloween Party at school. She thoroughly enjoyed doing the, "monster mash." After partying hard at school, she took a nap to get rested for round two... Bunco, Halloween Style, at Aunt Betsy's. Eric dressed as a Mummy, and Lyla and I were witches. We had a blast playing Bunco and seeing everyone in costume. Lyla's favorite was Minnie Mouse...not surprising considering she listens to the Minnie and Me tape, ALL OF THE TIME (yes, tape... from the 80's... my cousin Melissa LOVED it.. and is currently sharing it with Lyla.)
Finally, Saturday arrived. We dressed Lyla up as a Bride! My friend Katie had thought of the idea... her son Mason (16 months) was the groom! Too cute! Katie and her mom came over our house around 1pm, and we decorated a wagon for them to ride in. My dad and Marti came over and were surprised by her costume because I kept it a secret. At 2pm we walked to Erics' dads, to meet Moe and Mrs. Kim (2 streets away) and then continued to the top of their street to enter Mason and Lyla in the costume contest. At 3pm, the Halloween parade began. We followed the firetrucks, marching along with all the kids in their adorable/creative costumes. When the parade ended.. .the winners of the costume contest were announced. Can you guess who the winner was????...... LYLA!! I'm not kidding! She won 1ST PLACE for her age group AND .... Mason and Lyla won CUTEST COUPLE!! I couldn't have been more excited (as you will notice in the picture below... after I accepted the award (my dad is very worried I will turn into a "stage" mom!)

Everyone enjoyed snacks and candy at our house afterwards, then headed home to give out treats. Katie, Ken and Mason stayed for trick-or-treating and gave candy out at our house while we walked Lyla around to a few homes. She was back in her witch costume at night. She was fascinated with all the costumes, flashing lights, sound effects and overall fun! Her first Halloween was a success.... what will she be next year???!!!!