St. Michael's Christmas Bazaar.
Tonight we took Lyla Grace to the annual Christmas Bazaar at our church. Eric typically enjoys hanging out in the 'beer garden' and eating a warm pit beef sandwich.... this year his highlight was waiting in line for Lyla to meet Santa (right Eric?!).
It took her a few seconds to warm up to him. She stared into his eyes and touched his beard. She listened to his deep, yet soft, voice for a few seconds and then looked over at us to make sure everything was alright... after one minute of taking everything in, she was all smiles!
We all ate a few snacks and played some games. We bought some raffle tickets to win a few prizes... and we did! We couldn't believe it... we won a Baltimore Aquarium package! Along with it came an Aquarium mug, pens, stuffed animal and 4 tickets to the Aquarium! So fun!

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