'Tis the Season.
Eric, Lyla & I are getting ready for our trip to Wisconsin at the end of this week. We are heading out to the Cheese State to visit Dennis (Eric's brother), Katie (D's wife), and Hope (our 2yr. old niece... who is so stinken cute, and looks just like her daddy!). We have already taken Lyla on a plane (at 2 months.. to Turks and Caicos) but this plane ride will definitely be different. At two months she either slept most of the way or I fed her. And, when she needed a diaper change, Eric whipped the lap tray down and changed her right on it! It will not be that easy this time, so it should be interesting! Eric & I are really excited about going to the Monday Night Football gave at Lambeau Field!! Ravens vs. Packers!! Should be fun (but freezing!).

Just thought I would share some fun pictures I took of Lyla. Happy Holidays!