New Year. New Lyla.
Forgive me for not blogging in a month! With the holidays and Lyla's new advancements... we have been very busy.
At the beginning of the month we took a trip to Wisconsin, to visit Dennis, Katie and Hope. We unfortunately got bad news the first night we arrived. Erics grandfather had passed away. He had not been doing well for a few weeks. While we were all sad, we know he is now with God, and in a wonderful place. {If you really want to hear about the whole trip, you would have to call me... we traveled to Mississippi and back (to Wisconsin) with Lyla and Hope (2yrs.). We stayed in 3 hotels, 14hr. drive...you get the picture...}
The snowfall in mid-December was beautiful when we got home. We had fun just hanging around the house all day. We were so excited to take Lyla out in the snow, HOWEVER... she HATED the snow! Well, she hated being 'bundled up.' I mean, really hated it. When we took her outside, the snow was still falling and she was just miserable. She did not like it touching her face and she couldn't stand not being able to move. I cant really blame her. When I took her inside, she was all smiles and just sat at the the front door and watched Eric shovel snow for 40 minutes! Some of us just enjoy our warm and cozy home.
Christmas was amazing for us. We spent the whole week with family and friends. Lyla was spoiled rotten by all! We started her first Christmas with traditions we plan on continuing with. She helped to decorate the tree, had a very special visit from Santa, set cookies out for him... and Eric jingled bells as we woke her up in the morning. I'm sure Eric and I had just as much fun (if not more) celebrating her first Christmas.
We spent New Years with the Glatts. The kids (Mason & Lyla) played together, we had a great dinner/yummy snacks and when the kiddies were asleep... we had some drinks and played games. Of course we watched the ball drop at midnight, and we were asleep by 1am... I guess that is what happens when you have kids?!
Now... let me tell you what is new with Lyla... she is crawling all over the place, including stairs, standing up in her crib, and attempting to stand up holding onto anything she can get her hands on! We are currently baby proofing the house! Our girl is brave.
We are all excited for the new year. Eric recently switched service centers and is now working Front Street, in the city. He is happy to be closer to home and to be working with his friend Kevin (congrats Kevin and Mel... they are expecting a little one this year!). Eric will continue to be very dedicated to the gym this year and is looking forward to some traveling in 2010. I am going to continue to take classes in the Spring, watch the Naydan girls on Thursdays and enjoy Gymboree 'school' with Lyla on Fridays. Oh, and I'm SO looking forward to our Disney trip in June!! And of course Little Miss. Lyla Grace has much to look forward to as well. Next month her Daddy will be her very first Valentine, in March she will celebrate her first birthday (I KNOW, I can't believe it!) April...Easter... among walking, talking, etc., etc., and so on!!
2010 here we come!

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