AAAaahhh. I need to be a better Blogger.
Ok, so I finally added some of my favorite pictures from December and a few from January. To be honest, I havent taken that many pictures of Lyla lately... I really need to! Before I know it, she is going to be 1yr.! In January the Esposito's really took it easy. We enjoyed staying in & relaxing. Now that February is here, I am back to school, Eric is picking up some over time at work, and we are ALL ready for Spring to get here.
Some exciting Lyla news: she has her very first tooth coming in!! She woke up yesterday morning with a really gross boogy nose and a low grade fever. She was pretty miserable all morning and when I would pick her up always nibbled on my shoulder. I decided to rub some orajel on her gums because I figured her teeth were bothering her, and yikes...! I rubbed my finger over a tooth making it's way through the bottom gums!! So of course I called Eric right away and sent out a mass text to share the news!
What is a Dentist favorite time of day?
Tooth-hurty (2:30) Haha!

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