Blizzard in Baltimore.
11pm, so far-so good. Our day started off like every other Friday, by going to Gymboree. I thought it was so funny that Lyla's school was open yet local colleges were closed! The snow actually started just as we were leaving Gymboree. We quickly ran a few errands and headed home. After Lyla had her nap and lunch I opened up the front door for her to watch the snow. She sat for about 5 minutes... and then got bored.. So she helped me do laundry, and played with the vacuum cleaner (really, she loves it)! As the night went on and the snow really started coming down, I went out to shovel and she watched from inside. That entertained her for about an hour. When we layed down and watched 'Yo Gabba Gabba' tonight we had hot chocolate (well, L had warm milk mixed with a tsp. of Hershey's). Yum!

Eric is hard at work, approximately 6000 customers out of power, so far. When I talked to him an hour ago he was on an outage job because a driver ran into a pole.... Be safe, stay in, don't drive!!

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