Blogging the Blizzard, Day 2.
Wowzzzerrrs!!!! We woke up to A LOT of SNOW!! Eric ended up driving home from work last night at 3am... yes, after blogging about how people should not be driving in a blizzard, my husband is one of them! Nice. He actually just headed back into work... BGE has restored about 42,000 people out of service so far, and as of 1pm, there were still 38,000 outages.

Lyla had a rough morning. She was very grumpy/sad. The only thing that made her happy was the remote control. She kept putting it up to her ear and talking! She did enjoy watching Eric dig us out, and she watched the neighborhood kids play in our front yard, because apparently it was the "cool" place to be. Before her nap she got to have some chocolate covered snow... I'm sure that felt good on her gums. Great snack idea moms... just scoop up some white snow and mix in some chocolate syrup, juice or fruit (anything yummy) and wwhhala! Fun winter snack!

Check out our blizzard pictures!

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