Blogging the Blizzard. Round 2.
Yesterday afternoon I called my dad..."Do you think you could pick up Lyla and I? We NEED to GET OUT of the HOUSE.".... 45 minutes later we were loading up the car! Thank GOD.

It was so nice to spend the night out after being trapped inside over the weekend. We had a great time at my dads. Lyla got to meet two new friends, Mazy and Jasper (adorable 7 month old twins), play with Pop and Marmee and she used her walker all over there house (there is a lot of open space, so she went to town). This morning I could not decide whether to stay there for the new storm approaching or go home. After getting super stressed out about it, my dear husband said, (yelled at me) "make a decision." So... here we are at home...

(sorry Eric, I know you are working super long hours, your body aches and your are sleep deprived... hhmm, maybe we should have stayed at my dads....?) xoxox

Anyway, tonight we are watching the snowfall, getting our baths/showers and watching American Idol! We are so excited for Ellen!

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