Happy Valentines Day Lyla Grace.
Another 'first' for Lyla. I had the camera ready to take pics. of her when I went to get her out of her crib this morning. She is always so freaked out when she wakes up to me taking pictures(that's why they did not turn out too well)... so I put the camera down and gave her a big valentine hug!

We did our usual cuddling/cartoon time in Mommy/Daddys bed before we went downstairs for breakfast... and when we did, we were surprised with balloons, candy and of course Gerber Puffs! Yum! Lyla was super excited (as she was the night before when Grandpa Moe & Grandma Kim stopped by with Valentine treats...she is SO spoiled). Anyway, after breakfast we made a valentine for Daddy. Lyla scribbled on some paper, and herself... and then she had some help from me with glue, ribbon and stickers... but it turned out super cute and Daddy loved it!

I'm finally feeling a little better. I have had a horrible sinus infection the last week. Luckily Lyla and Eric haven't caught anything. We are so over this weather. Lyla and I are headed to Florida on Friday to visit my mom and grandmother. It's not really warm down there, but it's got to be better than Maryland! Florida, here we come! Oh, and in the Valentine bag Eric and I made up for Lyla, she got a bathing suit and some other sundresses for the trip. Well, after she tried on the bathing suit, she would NOT take it off! It was so funny. She kept rubbing her belly because she loved the feeling and when I went to take it off she screamed, "nnnoo, nnnnooo, nnnnoo"! So, thank goodness we didn't have anyone stop by, because they would have thought I was nuts when they saw Lyla crawling around wearing a bathing suit in February!

We did however have a special visitor on our deck today. I think she was a single squirrel. You know when you are sad and lonely on Valentines day... you watch sappy movies and eat a whole box of chocolates. Well Squirelly looked sad and lonely and she practically inhaled a whole DONUT!

Hope you had a great Valentines Day. xoxo

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