Come on Spring.
Let’s see, what has happened in the Esposito household since the last blog update…? Well when I left off, Lyla and I were headed to Florida. It was wonderful, but WAY to short! It was so nice to be in warm sunny weather and Lyla had a blast. She loved being in the pool, being spoiled by her grandmother and sleeping in the closet! I’m not kidding, my mom and I set the playpen up in her closet (it’s nice and dark) and she slept like a baby… ha ha. But seriously, she slept great. And yes, the closet is a good size and we kept the door open. Lyla typically sleeps 12 hrs. a night, straight through (yes, since 5 months, I KNOW, we are lucky) however in Florida, she took extra long naps and would sleep at least 13 hours. The sun and pool totally wiped her out. What better way to spend a vacation than to eat, sleep and soak up the sun?

Speaking of sun, we have all been enjoying this beautiful weather. Tonight we walked around the Avenue in White Marsh and it was such a beautiful night. Lyla had a blast cruising around in her stroller and would randomly yell (with a wave), “Hi” to strangers. I guess I need to have the stranger talk!?

On the home front, Eric is pleased to be moving to the Cockeysville Service Center (he is currently in the city, at Front Street). He will continue to work as a trouble man, starting April 19th. He is really looking forward to Cockeysville (and I am very happy he is going to be there too)!

I am getting kicked in the butt this semester with school work! I cannot wait until it’s over. If you thought I was bad at Math before, you should see me try to get through it with Lyla tugging at my legs! For some reason, Lyla can occupy herself just fine while I am cooking (as if I cook a lot), doing dishes, laundry, etc. but when I sit down, open up my laptop and try to do schoolwork….NOT. “Mama, Mama” is what I hear as she pulls on my legs, climbs on me or attempts to delete anything on Microsoft. This too shall pass, that’s what they say… right?

Aside from her “Mama” episodes, she is simply amazing. She really, really is a good girl. Do all parents say that? Do they all really think that? I’m not sure, but regardless, I am saying it.

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