Celebrations continue...
The Esposito's had a super fun weekend. Friday night we went over our friends and did some vacation planning (well, we were ALL going to work on the planning, until the boys decided they wanted to go out for some drinks...in their favor, they did wait until the little ones were asleep).
Anyway, vacation planning was fun and productive and , drum roll please...

M I C, see ya real soon K E Y, why? Because I love you.
M O U S E !!!!!

That's right, we are heading to Walt Disney World, the Happiest Place on Earth!

I am slowly becoming obsessed with the Disney Website. For Real.

Saturday we went over to Grandpa Moe and Grandma Kim's, because they were in the mood to party! They had decided that they wanted to have something small for Lyla's birthday, for Kim's side of the family and some Beach friends. It was really nice- great food (thanks for my special turkey meat balls Sal) yummy drinks, presents galore and the weather turned out to be beautiful.


Lyla's Second Easter, already.
Marmee was so thoughtful to get Lyla sweet little socks with bunnies on them, along with the words embroidered, "First Easter." I said, "They are so cute Marti, thanks, ... too bad this is going to be her second Easter!"

Time is flying by!

Last year on Easter was the first time Lyla left the house and we took her to Church. It was quite different from this Easter. Last year she slept through Mass, this year she ate her Gerber Puffs and went, "MMMmmmm" with every bite! She also claps during the songs. She would probably love a Baptist church!

She spent the weekend getting spoiled with baskets (and lawnmowers, haha!), decorating eggs (don't worry mom, I wont embarrass you and put a picture of your eggs next to *mine*!), hunting for eggs and eating goodies.

Enjoy the pictures!