Gunpowder State Park.
Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather and Lyla's new bike trailer. We went to Gunpowder and had a picnic under the pavilion, biked around the park and played on the playground.
Eric spent a couple hours this week hooking up the bike racks to the roof of his car (thanks!) and figuring out how to attach Lyla's new trailer to my bike (it doesn't attach to his, or so he says....?)!
She really wasn't that heavy to pull at all... now next summer, he may have to figure out how to attach it to his bike.
Lyla loved riding. Her trailer is huge. She had her 'laptop,' 'ipod,' "Brown Bear, Brown Bear," and her 'Baby' (aka Beebee/Meemee) with her. She just relaxed and enjoyed the weather and her toys. We thought she was so cute when we took a break by the water. Eric was reading and I was playing around with the camera, and Lyla just layed back in her trailer, quite content, for a good ten minutes... until she noticed the big playground we had parked her next to!

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