Happy Fathers Day.
Dear Da-Da,
I think you are the best daddy anyone could ever ask for. I think you are so funny, especially when you tell me my feet are stinky! I love watching Yo Gabba Gabba with you and playing Yo Gabba games on the computer. Mommy never lets me play on the computer. I love when you draw pictures for me and play pretend with my kitchen set. I love when you play ball with me. I REALLY love when you give me treats and princess presents. Happy Fathers day Da-Da.
Lyla Grace

p.s. Mommy think you are pretty amazing too!


Ocean City.
We headed to the beach this weekend. We hit traffic going and coming, but other than that, it was wonderful.

Whoa.. wait a second... I completely just remembered I must share some BIG news...
Lyla Grace is WALKING!! Finally!! She started taking a few steps (4 or 5) at the beginning of the week. By Friday night at the beach, she was all over the place. Kim and I were cracking up at her walking around when we were trying to get her pajamas on! We were SO excited!

So anyway, back to the weekend...
We enjoyed the pool on Saturday and the beach on Sunday. The weather was perfect (surprisingly, a little chilly in the evening). The boys went jet-skiing Saturday, and Lyla was "one of the girls" at the pool. Sunday morning we fed the geese (well, Lyla fed herself the bread we were feeding the geese) and Terri Pinsky fixed a fabulous pancake breakfast. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the sand. Lyla loved the water (she didn't even mind that it felt like 20 degrees).

Overall, great weekend. Lyla was spoiled rotten by her grandma and grandpa. She has her own rocking chair, beach toys, bubbles and books at her grandparents beach house. She is living the life!
p.s. We borrowed Kim's (aka grandma) portable dvd player for Lyla to watch her movies in the car-so she wouldn't get bored. Well, it's still hooked up in the car... and when we ran to the pharmacy today, she wanted it turned on! I better give it back before she gets use to it! Kids these days!