We're BACK!
We spent the last couple of weeks traveling and having an awesome summer. Walt Disney World was amazing! We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Glatts and would love to travel with them again. Lyla had the best time ever!!
I heard some criticism before we left about taking a baby to Disney, such as, "It's going to be so HOT, I would be miserable." AND (this I heard a couple times) "She (Lyla) is not going to remember it." WELL... Yes, it was hot and yes, she is not going to remember it. HOWEVER... she will not remember that I took her to the park last week and we stopped to get an ice cream on the way home... but her memory is not going to keep me from doing things with her! And besides, Eric and I will remember every minute of Disney with her and cherish it!
Anyway, now that I got that off my chest... below are some pictures of our summer fun! Enjoy looking at them!
P.S. At the end of this page, click on 'Older Post' to see Fourth of July and Beach Pics.! I took a LOT of pictures this month.