Toy Story 3.
Eric took his two favorite girls to the movies tonight, and for Lyla, it was a first!  We have an 'older' movie theatre in our neighborhood where the seats are just $4.00, so we decided Lyla's first trip could be there. I thought she was ready because when we watch movies at home, 9 times out of 10, she can sit quietly through the whole thing, especially Disney princess movies (they really are magical... especially when I need to get something done)!

Anyway, we figured if things didn't work out, at least the price was right, and our backup plan would be to go to the Rita's that is in the same shopping center. Turns out, we didn't need a backup plan. Lyla LOVED going to the movies. When she walked in she said, "T.V." She was mesmerized the second we sat down. Eric and I looked at each other and both took a deep breath. We didn't want to be the parents who took their "baby" to the movies, only to ruin every ones evening. Halfway through the movie, I ducked out to get us some popcorn and soda. When I returned she did say, "Mama, Mama, Mama," because she wanted me to share. I did, immediately. She didn't say another word until the end, when she shouted, "Hot, hot." The "toys" were falling into a fire (don't worry, they were saved). After they were saved by, "the Claw," she was no longer worried.
Eric and I could not have been more proud (and relieved) with how well it went. We will definitely take Lyla to the movies again, soon.

I would also like to mention, the movie was great. The three of us had already watched Toy Story 1 & 2 at home, and they are pretty cute, but I think Toy Story 3 is my favorite (Eric and I laughed out loud a lot during the movie and I had to hold back a tear as 'Andy' headed off to college).

Leave it to Disney (and a giant "t.v." screen), the night was good.


A visit from the Cheese Heads.
We ended July and started August with a visit from Dennis, Katie and Hope. If I was asked to sum the week up in a few short words... hhmm, let's just say I couldn't. I can however, share some highlights. For starters, Lyla loved spending time with her cousin Hope. I must say, the Esposito boys made some sweet Esposito girls. Hope is the cutest little thing, smart, funny and a pleasure to be around. The girls were adorable together.
During the course of the week, Katie and I enjoyed pedicures and sangria together, Dennis taught Eric how to hit some golf balls and we all took a family trip to the Zoo.

And yes, I am the one responsible for making everyone stop to take these photo's... but deep down inside, I know they really loved it!

Eric can NOT resist an opportunity to tease Kim. I caught him tickling her neck with a leaf! Do you see the look on his face?! Ornery.

"PLEASE get OFF of ME, and PLEASE get me OFF of this HAY....NOW. Thanks!"

An elephant tooth!
Fun fact: An elephant has only four teeth which eventually fall out, and are replaced six times throughout their life.

Hope and I 'braved' the camel ride.

Sometimes I find it hard to find similarities between Eric and his brother Dennis,
but other times, it's right in FRONT of me....

Katie brought a fork out to the table when we ate crabs. For those of you who don't know my sister-in-law, Katie... she is from WISCONSIN. Sorry Kate, you may know how to fish and hunt and admire your "kill" on the wall... but you certainly can't pick a crab!
Noooo, just kidding Katie, you did great!

The girls put on a show for us!

The Summer is quickly coming to an end. August will fly by for us... it's filled with parties, a baby shower, weddings and Little Miss. Lyla is taking a trip to the beach without her parents! Before we know it, Fall will be here and Lyla will be off to college. Ha ha! But it does, go by fast.


Sweet Taste of Summer.
Today Lyla and I enjoyed our backyard. I know that probably did not make you say, "Wow" or "How Exciting?!"... but Lyla and I sure felt that way!

Our summer has been filled with fun vacations, family gatherings, play dates, the library, the park, biking, and Gymboree... not to mention the typical day of running errands.

So when I say Lyla and I enjoyed our back yard... I mean, it was wonderful to have a fun day at home without ANYTHING to do. I LOVE being a stay at home Mom. I know I have the BEST job in the world, but it is easy for me to get distracted with the laundry, dishes, the telephone, Internet (ha ha! as I'm updating the blog!) etc.
I liked today because it was beautiful outside and Lyla and I just PLAYED together for hours. We splashed in her pool, drew on her chalk table, rolled her ball back and forth, stole tomatoes from our neighbors garden (thanks Nicole) and ate Popsicles. Sorry if I sound like a Hallmark card, but our day was really that great. When we came in from playing, we shared some animal crackers and took a nap together. After today, I encourage other parents to have a day (or a least a few hours) without any distractions... to simply enjoy your child, and life in general.


Chalk Table (before and after).
Lyla's friend Mason has a chalkboard/dry erase easel. When she goes over to visit him, she always heads straight for it. So it got me thinking... maybe I should look into getting one for Little Miss. Lyla. Well, there's a large variety of easels out there. They average around $40.00. I did not want to spend that much money on something that was going to get my carpet full of chalk dust... (Mason's mom is currently in the process of getting new carpet)!
So that's when a light bulb went off in my head.... (and don't we all love when that happens)...
I remembered that there was a small wooden table sitting in our attic, it was here when Eric bought the house, and recently collecting dust.
That was going to be Lyla's new "Chalk Table!"
It was easy peasy....
Step. 1
Find an old wooden table (collecting dust or at a thrift store) and clean it up.
Step. 2
Paint the legs any color (I used pink because I already had it from a previous project).
Step. 3
Paint the table top with chalk paint (I actually borrowed chalk paint from a friend, I think it cost less than $15 for a small can, and I did not need a lot, at all).
Step. 4
Draw with Chalk!
This project ended up costing me $1.00 because that is how much I paid for the chalk! I keep the table outside and Lyla LOVES it!


The Artist.