Chalk Table (before and after).
Lyla's friend Mason has a chalkboard/dry erase easel. When she goes over to visit him, she always heads straight for it. So it got me thinking... maybe I should look into getting one for Little Miss. Lyla. Well, there's a large variety of easels out there. They average around $40.00. I did not want to spend that much money on something that was going to get my carpet full of chalk dust... (Mason's mom is currently in the process of getting new carpet)!
So that's when a light bulb went off in my head.... (and don't we all love when that happens)...
I remembered that there was a small wooden table sitting in our attic, it was here when Eric bought the house, and recently collecting dust.
That was going to be Lyla's new "Chalk Table!"
It was easy peasy....
Step. 1
Find an old wooden table (collecting dust or at a thrift store) and clean it up.
Step. 2
Paint the legs any color (I used pink because I already had it from a previous project).
Step. 3
Paint the table top with chalk paint (I actually borrowed chalk paint from a friend, I think it cost less than $15 for a small can, and I did not need a lot, at all).
Step. 4
Draw with Chalk!
This project ended up costing me $1.00 because that is how much I paid for the chalk! I keep the table outside and Lyla LOVES it!


The Artist.

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