Sweet Taste of Summer.
Today Lyla and I enjoyed our backyard. I know that probably did not make you say, "Wow" or "How Exciting?!"... but Lyla and I sure felt that way!

Our summer has been filled with fun vacations, family gatherings, play dates, the library, the park, biking, and Gymboree... not to mention the typical day of running errands.

So when I say Lyla and I enjoyed our back yard... I mean, it was wonderful to have a fun day at home without ANYTHING to do. I LOVE being a stay at home Mom. I know I have the BEST job in the world, but it is easy for me to get distracted with the laundry, dishes, the telephone, Internet (ha ha! as I'm updating the blog!) etc.
I liked today because it was beautiful outside and Lyla and I just PLAYED together for hours. We splashed in her pool, drew on her chalk table, rolled her ball back and forth, stole tomatoes from our neighbors garden (thanks Nicole) and ate Popsicles. Sorry if I sound like a Hallmark card, but our day was really that great. When we came in from playing, we shared some animal crackers and took a nap together. After today, I encourage other parents to have a day (or a least a few hours) without any distractions... to simply enjoy your child, and life in general.

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