I have not posted pictures of Lyla at "school" recently. Here she is enjoying Level 4.

Mrs. Denise (Lyla's teacher) has A LOT of energy.

Chloe is Lyla's B.F.F. at school! She is so cute, and very smart!


Twinkle Toes.
A couple of weeks ago we signed Lyla up for dance classes. We purchased the leotards, tutu's, leggings and slippers. Too cute. Tonight was her first class. I did not really know what to expect... obviously she would be doing some type of 'dancing' to music.... but I also thought I would be with her, and maybe even interacting with her. NOPE. That was not the case. When her teacher introduced herself, she made it crystal clear that parents were not allowed in the room and she knows the girls will cry, but assured us they will be perfectly fine. Then she took the ballerinas to their classroom. They all cried, including Lyla. The classroom has a glass window on the door, however there is a large piece of paper covering the window, with only the corner tucked up. This meant a swarm of parents, grandparents, friends, etc. took turns peeking through corner of the window to see which little one was having a meltdown. The girls took turns shedding tears. The class runs for 45 minutes. My dad and Marti had met Eric and I there, so we shared nachos and a soda while we waited for her to get out. When class was over, she seemed fine (so we didn't scar her for life) and was most excited about the stamp she got on her hand at the end of class!

The picture below was taken through the little corner of the window.