November has come, and gone.
I am sitting home by myself tonight. Eric had to work at 7pm, and Lyla is spending the night at my dads. It is SO weird to be home alone sometimes. It's funny because since being a mom, I have my moments where I just wish I had a few hours all to myself. All by myself. Either to get things done or to do whatever I want. Then, when the time comes, and Eric and Lyla are not around... I really do not know what to do with myself (and miss them, a lot).
Anyway, I did get some gift wrapping done tonight... I can't believe December is going to be here, tomorrow.
Below are some pictures of Lyla making a huge mess   'cooking' this month. She loves to sit up on the counter (I think that's her favorite part) and pour anything into a bowl, and stir. She makes a huge mess, then (panicking) says, "mess, MESS," until it is cleaned up. One (of the many) things I love about Lyla, is how she thinks I am a great cook. She is the only person who thinks I am a good cook (because, I'm really not. I know that).
Then again, she thinks when I warm her spaghetti-o's up in the microwave, I am cooking. She even thinks when I transfer her yogurt from the container to her bowl, I am cooking. She says, "Cook mama, cook. Mmmm good."
I am going to enjoy my praise, for now.

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