Christmas tree decorating and cooking baking.
December has been filled with holiday activities, as usual. Eric and I are making sure to slow down, and take the time to really enjoy this time of year with Lyla. We have both been able to do fun things this month, but we are also making sure to 'pick and choose' instead of trying to do it all. I don't want Lyla to remember her holiday season as an overwhelming month where we are rushing around trying to get things done and pack every event in. I really want Lyla to look back and remember her month of holiday cheer filled with fun traditions and to always think about the true meaning of Christmas.

We really enjoyed picking our tree out this year, or should I say, I enjoyed picking it out... Eric and Lyla enjoyed the experience. Picking out the perfect tree is so important to me. Luckily I have a husband who doesn't put up an argument when I ask the volunteers at the  fire department to hold up and turn nearly a dozen trees. I found one I loved and we decorated it. Decorating the tree was fun, but slightly challenging with Lyla this year. She wanted to put all the ornaments on the tree herself, and by that I mean she went over to the tree, and dropped the ornament. Also, what you won't see in the pictures below, is when Eric was trying to straighten the tree (and I am saying, "to the left, more, more, STOP, PERFECT... no no, now to the right"). Then the tree nearly crashes to the ground and an ornament falls on Eric and gashes his face and blood starts dripping down his nose. I really did want to take a picture of him laying on the ground trying to hold the tree up... but I didn't want to find out what his reaction would have been to me snapping pictures as opposed to helping hold the tree up and stop the blood from running down his face. I probably made the right choice.

Along with our tree decorating this weekend, we went to a Christmas show our nieces and nephews starred in, and it was amazing! The girls had solo's that they preformed with such confidence and the boys dancing skills were awesome. We really enjoyed ourselves and are so proud of them. Afterwards, Lyla and I did some baking with Marti while Eric relaxed and watched football. Lyla had a blast helping us 'cook.' She was also the official 'taste tester' of nearly every ingredient!