Time has been flying by !
November came and went really fast around here.
The last month has been filled with some up's and downs...

On the down side, Lyla and Eric were not feeling so great.
Lyla had a "private" issue and Eric has had some major back pain.

The little one had surgery to 'fix' her situation- and everything went great.
She was very brave. 

Eric opted not to have surgery, and for spinal injections instead,
 and is also feeling much better. For now, fingers crossed!

We are praying for Katie (Esposito's) father who was recently diagnosed with Cancer, as well as Mr. Sergotick (our friend Zachs father) who has been battling the disease for over a year.

Now... onto some good news...
The last month was also filled with some fun!

A yummy Thanksgiving 
Christmas Decorating
Christmas Shopping and wrapping gifts
Getting a (real) Christmas tree, not thinking it's special (enough) and returning it.
 True Story.
A Gymnastics "Gold" Medal
Visiting the Bowling Alley, and cheering for G.G.
A trip to the Harbor and Aquarium
A Beach weekend with grandparents to see the Festival of Lights 
(which allowed Santa to get a lot of stuff done)!
Christmas on the Bush
Cookie Bake Day
Christmas Movies
Listening to Justin Biebers Christmas cd 100000x a day!

Dear Santa,
Lyla Grace has been a very good girl this year.
She uses kind words, she is polite. She shares. She's generous.
She goes to the potty like a big girl. She doesn't fuss when it's time for bed.
Please fill up her stocking with goodies and place lots of presents under her tree.

Merry Christmas,
Her Proud Parents
p.s. We heard she is leaving you Chic Fa La on Christmas Eve!


 We hope everyone is enjoying Fall.
Below is a glimpse at what we've been up to....

Thanksgiving is right around the corner...

(47 days until Christmas, but who's counting?!)