A day in the life. Of Lyla. February 28.
I am glad today is the last day of February. I am OVER winter, and I can't wait for Spring to be here! Soon enough.
I whipped the camera out at Gymboree today (really fast because I am the only one who brings it to school- actually, let me change that, today after getting out my camera, another mom got hers out. So, I secretly think other moms want to take pics. of their kiddos at school- they just feel silly). Don't feel silly.

So, as February ends, I thought I would share some pics. from our day.

10am. Kisses from Daddy as he heads off to the gym and we head to Art Class.

Quick breakfast (she holds her cup  this way now).

10:30am. Art Class. Todays theme: Trains. She also had a special visitor:
 G.G (a.k.a Great Mom, a.k.a Kims mom). What a nice surprise.

12:30pm. Mid Day Back Scratch from Pop. Livin the life.

 2pm. Snacking at the doctors office (Pops doc. not Lylas).

 4:30pm. Dance Class.

And that's where pics. from our day end. Lyla was beat. We ate dinner, watched Nemo, and Lyla was down for the count.

Good NIght.


First Dental Visit.
We took a trip to the Dentist today. It was Lylas first visit. We went to Dr. Sandra Shih, and we would recommend her to anyone looking for a pediatric dentist in the Baltimore area.

Lyla played with the toys in the waiting room and was excited to sit in the dental chair. She felt cool. She played with a dinosaur-who took very good care of his teeth. She checked out the lights and some of the equipment in the room. Dr. Shih counted her teeth (8 on top, 8 on bottom).

She held up pretty well... until it was time for some fluoride. You can see her fear increasing in each photo. The pictures end when she wanted Mommy to sit with her!


About a month ago, the Esposito's got a new computer. We went with an Apple imac. Eric has fallen in love. The computer is currently sitting on our dining room table (yes, for the last month) because I still have not found us a desk (we were use to just having laptops).

 So, if you are looking for Eric and he is not at work, or the gym... he is at the dining room table.

Eric has been playing around with the imovie program. He decided to add a movie he made from Christmas, to the blog (below). I thought I should post about why a random Christmas video is on the blog. Now you know why. I think it's adorable. It makes my heart melt. Thanks Eric. You don't have plans to run off to Hollywood and become a famous director, do you?


Disney On Ice. Princess Wishes.
Tonight was filled with puffy dresses, crowns, wands and lots and lots of glitter. We took Lyla to the 7:30pm showing of Princess Wishes- Disney on Ice. We had been looking forward to it all week, and it was even better than we expected.

I LOVE watching Lyla in amazement.
I LOVE seeing her get so excited.
I LOVE putting her in princess dresses.
 I LOVE that my big, tough, husband can turn into Prince Charming for his girls.
What a good night.


Up, Down. Up, Down. Spin Around.
This little dancer is back in action. Today she started back to dance after having a winter break. This session she has a larger class of about 6-8 girls. They were so cute! Mrs. Nicole had Lyla lead the girls back to the classroom, because she was no longer the "new girl." Lyla was timid at first, but that lasted all of 30 seconds.

She also started a new class at school today. It's an Art Class. She seemed to enjoy it. How could she not? The kids were allowed to be "creative" with all of the materials. Meaning, by the end of class, Lyla and I were covered in play dough, paint and glue. Lovely.

Looks like Mondays are going to be Lylas busy day.

p.s. It's really hard to get pictures of Lyla in dance class because we literally have a sliver of the window to peak through.I did manage to get one of her walking down the hall after class.
 As for her Art class, I didn't want to be the crazy, picture happy mom on the first day of the class. I will bring my camera next week though!


Bieber Fever.
These two girls have so much fun together. Well, Lyla has so much fun pretending Makenzie is one of her baby dolls. Makenzie is pretty cool about it.
This morning, the girls had, "Bieber Fever."
Justin Bieber was on Regis and Kelly this morning. Basically, Lyla knows his song, 'Baby' and he is typically introduced to that song... so she gets excited. She actually did watch his whole interview, and it was long. I think one of the reasons she has Bieber Fever is because Usher signed JB, and we all know how much she loves Usher. OMG.

Babydolls, books and Bieber. These girls had a good morning.


Lyla has gotten use to me taking a lot of pictures of her. Lately , she has a very "special" face she is making when I ask her to smile and say, "cheese." If I want a picture of her with her cute little smile, I totally have to catch her off guard.


Regardless.... so stinkin' cute!