Up, Down. Up, Down. Spin Around.
This little dancer is back in action. Today she started back to dance after having a winter break. This session she has a larger class of about 6-8 girls. They were so cute! Mrs. Nicole had Lyla lead the girls back to the classroom, because she was no longer the "new girl." Lyla was timid at first, but that lasted all of 30 seconds.

She also started a new class at school today. It's an Art Class. She seemed to enjoy it. How could she not? The kids were allowed to be "creative" with all of the materials. Meaning, by the end of class, Lyla and I were covered in play dough, paint and glue. Lovely.

Looks like Mondays are going to be Lylas busy day.

p.s. It's really hard to get pictures of Lyla in dance class because we literally have a sliver of the window to peak through.I did manage to get one of her walking down the hall after class.
 As for her Art class, I didn't want to be the crazy, picture happy mom on the first day of the class. I will bring my camera next week though!

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