A day in the life. Of Lyla. February 28.
I am glad today is the last day of February. I am OVER winter, and I can't wait for Spring to be here! Soon enough.
I whipped the camera out at Gymboree today (really fast because I am the only one who brings it to school- actually, let me change that, today after getting out my camera, another mom got hers out. So, I secretly think other moms want to take pics. of their kiddos at school- they just feel silly). Don't feel silly.

So, as February ends, I thought I would share some pics. from our day.

10am. Kisses from Daddy as he heads off to the gym and we head to Art Class.

Quick breakfast (she holds her cup  this way now).

10:30am. Art Class. Todays theme: Trains. She also had a special visitor:
 G.G (a.k.a Great Mom, a.k.a Kims mom). What a nice surprise.

12:30pm. Mid Day Back Scratch from Pop. Livin the life.

 2pm. Snacking at the doctors office (Pops doc. not Lylas).

 4:30pm. Dance Class.

And that's where pics. from our day end. Lyla was beat. We ate dinner, watched Nemo, and Lyla was down for the count.

Good NIght.

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