Happy 2nd Birthday, Lyla Grace.
This little Princess had a day showered with FUN! Eric and I took her to Port Discovery downtown. She had a blast. All three of us had a blast.

She took a quick nap in the late afternoon and when she woke up, we headed to her favorite Restaurant, Red Robin, for dinner. Aunt Laura surprised us by joining us for dinner. Lyla was thrilled. You would have thought Cinderella walked into the restaurant.

The four of us headed back to our house after dinner and we had some ice-cream cake and opened presents!

It was a perfect day.  We are very proud of how our two year old is turning out. We are lucky. She is smart, she is beautiful, she is our "terrible two" year old, and we think she's perfect.

Birthday Breakfast.

 Red Robin. Yes, she is still wearing her sunglasses inside. She like to do that.

Look at this face. Aunt Laura made her day.

Sporting her new shades from Aunt Laura. A new pair to ROCK indoors!

A REAL ice-cream maker. Sprinkles anyone?



Come on Spring. We are ready for you.
Over the weekend we got outside. It was SO nice.

I love this face! Using all her muscles to pull herself up.


Good idea, Lyla.
We had a busy day. A long day, and on top of it... it was  yucky outside- the whole day.

Eric had to go into work early tonight because of the rain.

After Lyla and I said goodbye to him, I asked her what she wanted to do (exhausted and hoping she would suggest something like, coloring).

She said, "cake."
I replied, "You want to eat some cake?"
Lyla, "yeah."

Sweet. Carvel Ice Cream Cake, it is!
So we ate ice cream cake in our pj's and went up to bed.
Pretty good end, to a long, busy, yucky day.