Lyla's 1st Dance "Recital."
This evening we got to watch Lyla in action at her dance class. I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before- but parents are not allowed in the dance studio to watch their children. It's a good things though.

However, tonight we were invited in to watch the girls put on a "show," because their age group does not preform in the REAL recital. We got to see what they have been working on each week in class, such as galloping, sliding, jumping and tumbling. Ms. Nicole taught them a few dance routines. The girls managed to memorize what moves they were supposed to be doing according to what part of they song was playing. My favorite performance was the Monkey Dance, and a close second was Goodnight, Sleep tight.

Lyla Grace was adorable- even when she had a nervous breakdown (due to the fact that parents were actually in the room watching, taking pictures and video recording- it kinda freaked the girls out).

Later that night, I told Lyla about how I was in a lot of dance recitals growing up. I warned her about Pop and dance recitals. When Pop wasn't falling asleep through them- he was causing me to have a nervous breakdown.
Like the time when I started my performance from 'off stage.' We ran in from the back of the theater, through the audience (and the plan was...)  to end up on stage. My dad yells, "Jamie Leigh!" It was  LOUD. It was his DEEP VOICE. I can still hear the exact way he said it. I was supposed to be front row and center for that dance- and I never made it to the stage.
 Yes, it scarred me for life.
Maybe you had to be there- and those who were will always remember it the same way I do.
 My dance teacher quickly grabbed me as I stood frozen in the audience (to make matters worse, it was a dinner theater). She mumbled profanities about my father under her breath and took me back stage to wipe away my tears. My sisters came back to make sure I was ok.
 I calmed down- and let the show go on.

Lesson learned: Sometimes it's better for your father to sleep through your recitals.

I like to tease him about now. I think when Lyla has her first 'stage' recital he will stay awake for it, but he'll be pretty quiet!

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