Happy Fathers Day. 

To my Daddy, who is my best friend.

Thank you, for being an amazing grandfather.

Thank you for always being there for Lyla, like you have been for me.

Happy Fathers Day to my Father in Law, who welcomed me into his family, with open arms.

Lyla is blessed to have you as her Papa! She is your little princess (and knows it)!

Thank you for being a loving and FUN  father in law, and treating me like your daughter.

Sal, even though it takes Lyla some time to warm up to you- she thinks your pretty special. She tells everyone about her Great Pop who blows bubbles.

Last, but not least
Thank you for being the best Father to our little girl.
We have spent a decade together making memories,
but watching you with Lyla has been my favorite.

 We love you. VERY VERY MUCH.

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