We have been away...
Out of town on two nice vacations!
We spent a week in Turks and Caicos (came home for a few days) and headed to the beach for 5 days.

Turks was GORGEOUS, relaxing and I was happy to be with my family and celebrate Andrew and Juanita's wedding. Lyla Grace was the flower girl.
No- I do not have any pictures- I KNOW... crazy, right?

PHOTO TIP: When taking your camera from an air conditioned condo, into Island heat... be aware that your camera will condensate and fog up!! It will take about 10 minutes for your lens to be clear for use. Ten minutes was too long in this situation. We attended the quickest wedding ever. It lasted all of ten minutes. Therefor, not one wedding pic.
So sad.

Anyway... I do have other pictures from Turks and I have some from the Beach.
We celebrate the fourth of July in Ocean City with Kim and Moe, along with our friends Kevin and Melanie who were also there.

I am adjusting to being home again.
Laundry, cleaning, work, (blah, blah, blah)...
at least it's summer and there are a bunch of fun things I want to do.

Enjoy the random pics. from our travels.

(oh- and just because this blog is mainly about the princess... I have been meaning to mention some milestones- she is sleeping in her 'big girl bed' and she is POTTY TRAINED! Well, she still wears a diaper when she sleeps- but I can still say she is potty trained, right? I mean, I AM saying it. She wears big girl panties, tells us when she has to put her 'pee pee' and 'poo poo' in the potty- and stays dry. She is saving us lots of moolah on the diapers! Love it.

Ok- the pics.

She did awesome on the plane going, coming home - not so much.

I LOVE this picture of Lyla and DoeDoe.


We celebrated Amys Sweet 16.

She loved getting herself some ice cold water. She thought she was pretty cool.

Celebrating the 4th...

The social butterfly had no problem making friends.

We skipped the beach this trip and hung out at the pool.

Baby Conor- adorable.

Kevin and Eric.

Lyla and Conor.

The rides on the boardwalk were my favorite part of the weekend. So much fun!

She had a tight grip on anyone who was holding her this year, during the fireworks.

 Love this picture.

We hope everyone had a Fabulous Fourth! xo

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