Simple Summer Fun.
Toddlers always seemed to be easily entertained by household items and nature. Eric and I have never spent a lot of money on toys for Lyla (although we must say she is lucky enough to be spoiled by others- and of course has plenty of toys). But she is pretty good at finding any "thing" and entertaining herself, especially outside. My girlie girl loves sticks and rocks.

Lately we have been spending more time in the pool due to the hot weather. Lyla splashes around and "dives" (meaning she stands up, bends her knees and falls on her belly). As far as pool toys go, she has a ball, and sometimes brings Ariel in for a swim. I recently found a picture online of a "bottle sprinkler." It was simple to make, and Lyla and I had some fun when we made one and gave it a try.

How to make a Bottle Sprinkler

Water bottle (juice, gatorade, etc.)
Knife or scissors
and Water
Permanent Markers (for older kids who want to decorate their sprinkler)

Step 1: Gather supplies

Step 2: Puncture holes into lower half of water bottle

Step 3: Fill with water

Step 4: Enjoy!

Lyla: Mommy, this is SO MUCH FUN. I love the pool. Watch me DIVE!

 Mommy: Great Job Lyla!

Lyla: If only the top of this pool was not in my way...?

Lyla: Mom, you know when Daddy blows up my pool, it stands straight up. Like, my pool is collapsing Mom, what's the deal?

Lyla: OMG

 Mommy: Yeah, but does Daddy make you awesome water toys?

 Lyla: Sorry Mommy

Lyla: I love you, can I please stay in my dilapidated pool?

Mommy: Of course! Love you too, my little mermaid!

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Anonymous said...

Jamie - You are so funny! Love this bit! And doesn't Lyla love her pool! Love, Marmee