Buety Resort.
Have you been to the Buety Resort?
This salon is going to be BIG- I mean, Justin Beiber Big.
The prices are GREAT. Check out the deals...

The employee's were very friendly.

They offer snacks at their "salon."

And the 15 minute foot rubs are A- Mazing!
(p.s. Joey's thumb is in between my toes... so even though it looks like I have 6... I still only have 5. I don't plan on growing any more. No matter how good the foot rubs are).

Here's the Boss. Hard at work. She's thinking about offering a Groupon.

Overall: Fabulous experience. Uncle Eric really enjoyed his back rub. My feet felt fabulous. We both highly recommend the Buety Resort!

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Anonymous said...

I think Marmee and Pop will be next in line! Pop is always looking for a good back rub.